Three Ways To Lace A Shoe

Three Ways To Lace A Shoe

Learning to tie your shoes is one of those things you probably don’t remember being taught, but it’s a skill that you’ll never forget. Whether you want to know fancy ways to lace a shoe or something simpler, there are a few popular methods to teach your kids.

#1: The Standard Knot

Usually the most popular method, this one may be a little trickier for kids to learn at first but they will progress to this one once they’re a little more confident in their skills. Start by tying a basic knot on the shoe and then make a loop with one lace.

The Standard Knot Shoelace t

Hold the loop in place with one hand, and then pick up the other lace with your other hand. Feed this around the loop so that it’s wrapping towards you, pull it through the hole, and you should have made another loop. Tie these both together to complete the technique.

#2: The Bunny Ears

This is a great method for kids especially, pretending that the laces are two bunny ears. Start by folding each end of the laces into bunny ears and then hold them in place with a finger and thumb.

Cross the ears over to make an “x” and then loop the bottom one over and through the top ear. After a second knot has been created, pull the ears out to the side to make a square knot and finish the job.

#3: The Circle Technique

Take both laces and make a knot in the middle of the shoe. Tie another loose knot without finishing it, essentially making a circle shape. Hold this circle with your with your hand and lay it flat against the shoe.

shoelace circle method

Thread a shoelace into the circle without tightening the knot, and then thread the other shoelace in as well. Now there should be two loops, one on either side, which you can pull tight now to close them.

Make Learning Fun

There’s no right or wrong way to do it and so many different ways to lace a shoe, so whatever works for your child is best. Go through each of the methods with them until they find one they’re comfortable with, and then encourage them to practice each day until they perfect the technique.

Try to keep your youngest one happy while doing it

Ensuring that you’re having fun while learning to lace a shoe is essential, so be sure to have the right shoes and even some colorful shoelaces to make it easier. With these cool ways to lace a shoe, you’ll entice your child to the learning process and make sure that they have fun while they’re doing it.

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