Nurse Mate’s Women’s Dove Shoe Review

Nurse Mate’s Women’s Dove Shoe Review

There aren’t many professions out there that work as hard as nurses do, and often they’re some of the most undervalued staff we have in this country. Nurses spend all day on their feet taking care of others, which is why it’s essential that their footwear gives them all of the support and comfort they need to be there for the rest of us.

However, finding a quality pair of nurse shoes that have actually been built to last for many years and provide hours of support through every shift can be hard to do, especially without spending hundreds of dollars. You either send yourself broke buying just one pair or find that after a few short weeks the ones you did invest in were now falling apart.

Nurse Mates Womans Dove Review

Nurses need a shoe that’s going to be reliable, as there’s no time to do anything else than work when they’re on a shift. They’re running from person to person, helping others around the hospital, and being active throughout their long and sometimes late work schedules. For this reason, you want a brand that you can trust.

Nurse Mate is that brand and one that has been providing the nurses of the world with the comfort and support that’s crucial to their job. The Dove Light Shoe from Nurse Mate is one of their top sellers, with a whole range of features and benefits that would make any medical professional happy and comfortable throughout their shift.

Nurse Mate Dove Light Shoes

There are few brands that those in the medical profession know and trust, and Nurse Mate is certainly one of them. This brand has been providing comfort and support to nurses around the world for many years with their versatile range of shoes, and the Dove Light is by far one of their best sellers yet.

These shoes are part of the Nurses Mate Lite Collection so they’re extremely lightweight, another one of the reasons why they’re so popular among medical staff. When you purchase these as your trusted shoe, you’ll be receiving:

  • Full grain leather upper with a stain resistant finish
  • Removable EVA insole for extra support and cushioning
  • ​Sturdy steel and a 1.5” inch heel
  • ​EVA outsoles are lightweight and rubber insoles prevent slippage
  • Easy to slip on and stay comfortably on throughout your shift
Nurse Mate Dove Light Shoes

If you’ve been searching for years for the perfect nurse's shoe but still aren’t satisfied with what you’ve found, you’ll be very happy with the Nurse’s Mater Dove Lite shoe. These tick all of the boxes for what a medical professional looks for in comfort, support, and hours of care.

Pros And Cons Of Nurse Mate Dove Lite Shoes

By far the most important thing about the Nurse Mate Dove Lite shoes is how comfortable they really are, and after hours and hours of use, this comfort doesn’t waiver at all.

This is the most crucial benefit for nurses and the top feature to consider, other than the quality of the shoe, due to the long hours they spend on their feet each shift.

One of the best things about the Nurse Mate range is that all of their shoes have stain resistant finish on them, which makes them especially appealing to nurses.

Nurse Mate Dove Light Shoes top view.

Anyone in the medical professional knows how easy it can be to get your shoes damaged from a whole range of substances and materials commonly encountered in nursing, so having shoes that can withstand these stains and spills is essential.

The only real issue with this comes down to the color choice, so if you’re thinking of purchasing the black gloss finish you need to be prepared for some slight wear.

In comparison to the all-white leather, this black gloss can show up scuffs and cracks a lot easier and will appear less crisp and clean than their white counterparts so it’s something to consider.

Where To Buy Nurse Mate Dove Lite Shoes

You probably already know that most shoe stores are lacking in the nurse shoe department, which is why it’s best to shop online for the smartest deals and a wider variety of choices. The Nurse Mate Dove Lite shoes are extremely cheap through Amazon, starting at under $50 and going upwards to under $80 depending on the style you choose.

Best of all, when you shop through Amazon you’ll have them deliver to your door and for those Amazon Prize members, this delivery will arrive in under two days. If you have a shift coming up and dread the thought of another day with your painful and unsupportive nurses shoes, you’ll want to hop online quickly to take advantage of the deal.

Nurse Mate Dove Light Shoes side view.

Many nurses like to have a backup pair of shoes in case the worst should happen, so you might even want to invest in two while the cost is so low. Whether you gift them to a peer or friend or keep them in your locker at work, it’s a great bargain for a comfortable pair of leather nursing shoes and one that you shouldn’t pass up.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a shoe to put your faith in as a nurse, and only want the most comfortable and supportive footwear possible, you really won’t be disappointed with the Nurse Mate Dove Lite range. These slip on shoes are easy to wear, a breeze to walk in, and they’ll give you more than adequate support through every shift.

When you’re sick of working with painful or uncomfortable feet, click here to purchase the Nurse Mate Dove Lite shoes and make a positive change. Your feet will thank you for it, and you’ll have an amazing recommendation for the next time someone tells you how sore theirs are.


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