Nike Free 5.0+ Women’s Running Shoe Review

Nike Free 5.0+ Women’s Running Shoe Review

There’s nothing quite like heading out for a good run, and completely letting go of everything that’s going on in life to embrace the high intensity and naturally calming benefits of this beloved exercise.

Provided you’re in absolute comfort and wearing the right gear, though, otherwise your run could be ruined by one simple factor.

By far the most important accessory we need to consider for running and all other high impact exercises is our shoes, as they are the things that support and carry us in whatever we’re doing.

For this reason, it’s essential to choose one that has been made specifically for women and to provide the cushioning and support that’s so crucial to running, whether it’s a daily or weekly event.

When you think of brands that are synonymous with creating the ideal sports shoe, there really aren’t many that can compete with Nike.

Nike Free 5.0+ Women’s Running Shoe

This revolutionary brand is always on top of the game in terms of style, practicality, and ergonomic design intended to make exercise and everyday life just that much more comfortable.

The latest offering from them in terms of running shoes for women addresses all of these usual problems and more, giving you an extremely stylish but ultimately comfortable shoe that will support you through the day and your running adventures.

If you’ve been searching for the most supportive running shoe with a trusted brand behind it, your wait might be finally over.

The Nike Free 5.0+ Women’s Running Shoe

There’s no doubt that Nike is the most famous shoe brand around, and they’ve gladly held onto this title for over 30 years now. Nike is always at the front of the game with all types of shoes made for all types of exercise enthusiasts, and those who favor style just as much as support and comfort in their footwear.

Their Nike Free 5.0+ has been specifically designed for women who like to run, and every single feature of it has been included to accommodate for active women who want the best.

Putting your trust into Nike as one of the most famous footwear brands means you’ll get nothing but quality from them, with their Nike Free 5.0+ Women’s Running Shoe offering:

  • A textured mesh inner which helps you slide the shoe on and off with sock support
  • Arch designed with diagonal cuts to encourage natural motion
  • ​Designed to improve foot strength
  • ​Unique lacing system reduces pressure on the top of the foot
  • Nine different colors and designs to suit all tastes
Nike Womans Free 5.0+ Review

These are far more than just your standard running shoe, with every effort taken to not only protect your foot while you work out but also to strengthen them. For anyone who has tried countless shoes before and still found them uncomfortable and irritating, it’s time to make the switch to Nike Free 5.0+ Women’s Running Shoe.

What To Expect From The Nike Free 5.0+

Regardless of what activity you use these for, they’ll give you non stop comfort around the clock. Many of the happy online reviews are from nurses and doctors on their feet for long shifts, all seriously impressed by the cushioning and arch support offered by the Nike Free 5.0+ Women’s Shoe.

If you’ve been disappointed in the past by regular sneakers and found them a good fit at first but irritating as the day went by, you’ll be in for a great surprise with these.

After so many positive reviews, it’s important to note that there was a slight negative to report with these shoes. Breaking in your Nike Free 5.0+ can take a few goes, so don’t go off on a marathon run until you’ve gotten them to a comfortable fit.

Nike Free 5.0+ Women’s Running Shoe front view.

Once this is done, though, you’ll be seriously impressed by the comfort and support you receive from just one shoe.

In addition, if you’ve never bought a pair of Nike shoes before you might not realize they’re known for running small in their sizes.

So be aware of this when you purchase and go up a size just to keep yourself covered, but you can always take advantage of free returns provided they’re offered where you shop.

How To Buy Your Nike Free 5.0+ Women’s Sneakers

Not many people enjoy actually dragging themselves to the crowded store to shop for shoes these days, and especially not when you know your perfect sizing in Nikes.

Luckily, there’s no need to leave your home because you can get the Nike Free 5.0+ Women’s Sneakers on Amazon for a huge discount, ranging from under $60 and up to around $160 depending on your size and design.

Nike Close Up Shoes

According to Amazon, these offer about a 63% fit match rate for customers, because as discussed the Nike shoe sizing always runs a little small.

Keep this in mind when you purchase your Nike Free 5.0+ shoes, and you might even want to consider a second pair so you can have them in different colors to suit different times of day and events. If all else fails, you can return them for free through Amazon and get a sizing that’s more comfortable.

The Verdict

You really can’t go wrong with anything from Nike, and in particular shoes that have been designed for running as the Nike Free 5.0+ Women’s Sneakers have.

These are some of the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever experience, and they’re not just great for running but work, casual outings, and just about anywhere you need to go.

If you’re looking to treat your feet to comfort and support with every step you take, head to Amazon to buy the Nike Free 5.0+ Women’s Sneakers by clicking here. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll want to get more in every color so you never have to be without your favorite shoe, and your feet will never want to look back again.


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