New Balance Kids’ Sneakers Review

New Balance Kids’ Sneakers Review

As parents, we want the best for our kids from head to toe, which is why choosing the right shoes for them from the very early years is essential. Knowing what’s best can be hard to do though, especially with the delicate and sensitive feet of a toddler requiring adequate support throughout the day.

Kids need a clean and classic shoe style that will allow them to carry on with their busy days without any discomfort, but there should also be adequate support for their developing bodies. Choosing the right shoe isn’t something you should take lightly, as it’s essential to get this right while they’re still so young.

New Balance Kids' KL574V1 Review

There are a few names that are well known in the shoe business, and those you can trust with providing comfort and support for all members of your family. For this reason, putting your trust in one of these famous brands can ensure that you’re choosing the right product for your little one’s first shoes.

New Balance has created one of the most loved pairs of shoes among kids and adults of all ages, ensuring that they have the perfect blend of comfort and support. Where most shoes rely too much on the comfort factor, they tend to leave behind the crucial support needed at this age, but thankfully New Balance had both in mind when they designed these.

About The New Balance 574 Kid’s Sneaker

When you think of the most loved shoe brands in America, undoubtedly you’ll come up with New Balance as one of the top choices. This well-known company has been making comfortable and supportive shoes for infants through to adults, and their 574 Sneaker is one of their most popular products from over the years.

The 574 Kid’s Sneaker has been designed to suit even the smallest of babies all the way up to teenage years and comes in adults sizes too. When you make the choice to invest in a quality but affordable pair of shoes for your kid and choose the New Balance 574, you’ll be getting:

  • Comfortable rubber sole for support
  • Range of colors to suit every kid’s preference
  • Easy to tie laces great for learning
  • EVA midsole and heel for the most ergonomic support and comfort
  • ENCAP cushioning technology
New Balance Kids' KL574V1 Review

These are more than just your everyday sneaker, but without the hefty price tag that you can find on some kids’ shoes. As quickly as our little ones grow you want to ensure they’re looked after and supported, but without having to spend a fortune as they grow through the different sizes.

The New Balance 574 Kids’ Sneaker is the only way to ensure you get the best of both worlds.

The Pros And Cons Of The New Balance 574 Sneaker

In terms of ideal kids shoes, there isn’t much you can fault with the New Balance 574 Sneaker. They’re extremely appealing to children so there’ll be no fighting about wearing them, with everything from child-friendly and colorful laces to tie up to the many different bring and inviting colors that the sneakers come in.

The ENCAP cushioning technology used in the New Balance 574 Sneaker makes them great for everyday feet, but they’re also ideal for anyone with a child suffering from pronation and other issues. This means in most cases you can avoid spending hundreds on expensive orthotics and simply invest in these quality made shoes.

New Balance Kids' KL574V1 Review

The only real issue with these, which may not be an issue for some, is that the heel is quite firm and stiff.

This is part of the way they’ve been designed which makes them ideal for supporting children's’ delicate soles and arches, however, some children might find them too stiff and uncomfortable. After time they will soften somewhat, so you just need to be prepared to work with them a bit.

How To Buy Your New Balance 574

The days of heading to the shoe store and trying on all the different sizes are through, with most parents nowadays preferring to buy their kids’ shoes online. The reason for this is the extremely low cost, and especially in terms of the New Balance 574 Kids Sneaker which start at under $20 when you purchase them through Amazon.

Amazon has indicated that over 85% of the shoes sold online from New Balance is a perfect fit, which indicates that it’s a lot easier to choose the right size online nowadays. Plus, when you know the shoe is as good as this you can even buy them in a few different sizes so that they fit your child over the years.

New Balance Kids' KL574V1 Review

If you find that the shoes don’t fit, you can get free returns and swap them for the next size up so there’s no risk involved in your purchase. Plus, any purchase over $35 will get you free shipping too, so it’s even cheaper than going to the store.

For those kids who need some extra incentive to learn to tie their shoes, you can purchase some extra colorful laces that are made for this purpose. Even better, if the laces somehow become misplaced then you always have a backup pair to keep you covered.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the quintessential kid's sneaker that can suit them from baby years and right up to their teenage years, you can’t go past the New Balance 574 Sneaker. This famous brand knows everything there is to know about shoes, and it’s evident in the design, comfort, and support that these sneakers offer.

To treat your kid to the very best in shoes, click here to purchase the New Balance 574 Kids’ Sneaker. Not only will they be getting the best support possible, but they’ll love the bright colors and easy to tie laces so much they’ll never want to take them off.


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