How To Make Shoes At Home

How To Make Shoes At Home

As one of the most varied garments in the world, it’s no wonder that the process of making shoes is a complex and unique one. With literally hundreds of different types of shoes including sandals, sneakers, loafers, lace ups and more, learning how to make shoes really just depends on the style of footwear you’re thinking of.

Nowadays, though, the process of shoe making has become incredibly easy thanks to the improvements in technology and machinery which mean a lot of the hard work is now done without a person. However, for those who prefer things authentic, there are still shoes out there that are man-made and created with love and care in every pair.

If you’ve ever considered learning how to make your own shoes, whether it’s for your doll collection or to add to your own closet, there are some easy ways to do this. Nothing is more rewarding than wearing your own hard work at the end, even if you can’t get them to look as picture perfect as a pair that’s been made with a dedicated machine.

Making Shoes

How Shoes Are Made Professionally

There are a number of ways shoes are made, depending on the style and who is making them, but as a general rule in shoe manufacturing, there are a few different areas involved. These four areas each have different steps they take to get the final product, and it shows you how the process is completed.

Clicking/Cutting Department

This is where the upper part of the shoe is made and is the first part of the process. Leather, or other materials, are used to make the uppers as workers cut out the patterns for these. It requires a high level of expertise, especially when working with expensive leather as you want as little waste as possible.

Closing/Machining Department

During these stages, the upper is completed by doing everything from inserting eyelets where the laces will come through to forming it into its final shape so it’s ready to be attached to the sole. This part is usually done with large sewing machines and operated either by man or with a computer.

Attaching to Soles

Lasting/Making Department

The uppers are finally made into a shape by placing them into a foot mold called a “last.” The insole is first attached to the upper and then followed by a trimming of any excess material. Once it’s been perfected, the sole is attached and then the heel, and then the last is removed to get a completed shoe.

Finishing Department

This is where the shoe is perfected before being available for sale, and it involves stages such as buffing and polishing, as well as trimming away excess materials.

Sometimes designs are printed on the sole, and often a waterproofing is applied to the leather or other upper material. Laces, tags, and any other final touches are added and the shoes are now ready to be sold.

This is a fairly general approach to making shoes but doesn’t take into account the numerous styles of shoes and materials that might be used. Every type of shoe is unique and the methods to make them can all vary quite significantly depending on the price and purpose.

Making Doll Shoes At Home

For those with a beloved collection, you’ve probably wondered before about how to make doll shoes for your favorite friends. This proves a lot easier than making human sized shoes, and best of all you can customize them to suit the other accessories and garments that your collection might wear.

To make some simple doll shoes, all you need is a material of choice, something thicker such as felt or a rubber placemat for the sole, some elastic ribbon, and a hot glue gun to piece is all together.

How to make Doll Shoes

Start by cutting the material and the felt out together in a circular shape that is big enough to cover the sole of your doll’s foot. Glue these together and allow them to dry completely before moving on.

Next, place the sole on your doll’s foot and use a small knife to mark a slit on either side of their foot where the ribbon will go. Cut this out with a small hole and insert the elastic ribbon through both slits and thread it through so that the elastic sits on the top of the shoe.

Use your hot glue gun to glue down the ribbon underneath the shoe so that it can’t be seen. Allow them to dry, and then try them on your dolls. There’s no limit to how many you can make and how many designs you can create.

How To Make Your Own Shoes

While it is possible to learn how to make your own shoes, the steps are a lot more complex than if you were making them for your dolls. However, when you visit the World Wide Web these days you’ll find lots of options for creating custom made shoes that you can help to design. For those who want to make their own shoes from scratch, there are a few things to consider:

  • Sketch your ideas down first to get an idea of what style you like, as each type has their own process for making
  • Start with a basic shoe such as a lace up until you get a hang of the intricacies involved with shoe making;
  • Use a shoe template found online to get started, as the mechanics behind designing your own can be extremely complicated

Be Creative With Your Footwear

For those who like their fashion a little outside of the box, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can learn how to make leather shoes or any other material you like. When you can design and create your own footwear, the world is your oyster in terms of the style you’d like to own, and you’ll get a great satisfaction from creating your own footwear.

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