High Tech Ideas That Will Change The Shoe World

High Tech Ideas That Will Change The Shoe World

The whole world is going smart, with everything from our homes to our feet now enjoying the latest and greatest advancements in technology. The world of technology has now integrated with shoe design to bring some innovative ideas that are set to change the way we look at our favorite fashion accessory.

3D Printed Shoes

There isn’t much that a 3D printer can’t make, so it’s no wonder that you can now get 3D printed shoes. This advancement in shoes future technology means you can design your own shoe, and print them on demand. Not only is this helpful for the wearer, but it means we reduce waste and improve sustainability by only making what we need.

Real 3D Printed Shoes

Smart Shoes

If you regularly wear a fitness tracker, you’ll be no stranger to this type of wearable tech that aims to improve your health. Smart shoes will be able to do everything from track your fitness levels, absorb shock depending on your needs and report back a whole bunch of data about how your physical state needs improving.

Smart Shoes Are They The Future?

Designs such as the SmartShoe will not only track this information, but it will adjust the shoe as you walk so that you have the best fit and most ergonomic support in whatever you’re doing.

Augmented Reality Shoes

While it’s been some time now that you can try shoes on virtually in the store thanks to augmented reality, Nike has promised to take things one step further. Their plans include a white shoe that will allow the wearer to change the pattern and design as they wish, which means you’ll never be bored of just wearing the same old shoe every day.

AR Shoes

Although the tech is still in progress, it signals a huge shift towards fashion and making individual choices with our clothing and accessories.

Self Lacing Shoes

We’ve all seen the movie, and wanted a pair of the self-lacing sneakers the second we laid eyes on them.

However, Nike has taken it further again to create an actual pair of these high tech shoes based on the Back to the Future movies. These are now available at auction but can be quite costly, and until technology improves it might be better to invest elsewhere.

The Future Of Footwear

Seeing all of these advancements in footwear signals exciting times ahead for our feet, as it was once thought we had done everything we could with our shoes. By mixing technology, fashion, and practicality, there’s no end to where shoes could take us in the future and what they might be able to achieve.



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