Fun Ways To Tie Shoe Laces

Fun Ways To Tie Shoe Laces

We all know the standard ways to tie a shoe, and while they might have been great when you were a kid and just learning the ropes, you want something a little more challenging as a grown up. There are so many different ways to tie shoe laces that you can learn, and they make a seriously cool way to impress your friends or add some quirky style to your outfit.

#1: Saw Tooth

For anyone with a pair of ill-fitting shoes, you’ll want to try the Saw Tooth method. All of the underlying sections will pull together and help the shoe to fit perfectly on your foot when done correctly.

This is achieved by running the lace through the eyelet and then up diagonally before crossing over again, giving a tight fit on the finished product.

#2: Zipper

This style of shoe lacing is ideal for anyone who enjoys skateboarding, climbing, or anything else where strong support is required. When done correctly, this should lock the laces in at each eyelet rather than one final knot at the end. However, you need to have longer than standard laces as it uses a lot more length than traditional knots.

#3: Diamond Lacing

This is one of the funkiest ways to lace a shoe, but can also be quite challenging. The diamond pattern is achieved by working two laces through the eyelets at a time and going three steps forward and one step back.

Although it can take time, the end result is a series of small diamonds that run up the shoe and give a decorative look.

#4: Army Tie

This type of lacing allows your boots to flex easier as you wear them, and is modeled on how army boots are worn. Using this style prevents your laces from being damaged as well, so there are plenty of benefits. The aim here is to cross over the laces on the insides rather than the outside, which gives them more flexibility.

Be Creative

Although these are some pretty fun ways to tie your shoe laces, there’s nothing stopping you from using a little imagination and coming up with your own way to get the job done. With a bit of practice, you can invent your own special way to tie shoe laces and teach your kids or show it off as your next party trick.

Checkboard Tie Shoes

The best way to tie shoe laces is with a quality product, so be sure you have a lace with enough length, width, and strength to work with these styles. With these cool ways to tie laces double up and diagonally, you’ll never have a problem choosing the right shoes for an outfit again.

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