Converse Kids’ Chuck Taylors Review

Converse Kids’ Chuck Taylors Review

Choosing the right shoes for your child can be a tough choice, with the countless brands and designs out there all claiming to give your kid the best in support and style. Finding quality brands among the thousands of options out there can be hard too, which is why you need to rely on someone well known for quality and comfort.

When you think about things that have been loved in our country for generations, there are few as popular as Chuck Taylors. These are the quintessential sneaker from Converse that can take you through all stages of your life, from a very small baby and into your elderly years, and over the years they have become an American tradition.

Many adults will gladly wear their Chuck Taylor Converse around as both a fashion accessory and a form of security, and there’s no reason your children should be missing out on this iconic sneaker. If you’re looking for something comfortable without being over the top, you’ll be very pleased by everything that Converse offers in this design.

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These comfortable shoes have always been a top choice by many, and not only do they offer support through the entire day, but they are effortlessly fashionable too. We’re here to weigh up whether the world famous Chuck Taylor makes just as good of a shoe choice for your kids as it ever has.

Converse Chuck Taylor For Kids

At some time or another in life, most Americans would have owned a pair of Converse shoes. This effortlessly cool company has been producing some of the most popular shoes ever made for generations, and it’s no wonder that their kids range of shoes are just as well loved.

For most, their love for Converse starts at an early age and takes them through life as they continue to wear this iconic brand into their adult years.

The Chuck Taylor All Star shoes are by far the most popular design that this brand makes, and when you make the choice to purchase them for your child you’ll get such features as:

  • Easy to use shoelaces which are great for learning
  • Soft and comfortable canvas make
  • ​Rubber sole for all day use and support
  • Range of colors available
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These shoes are great for walking, riding bikes, going to school, skateboarding, and just about any activity your kid likes to do. If you’ve been searching for a versatile kids’ shoe that has a casually fashionable appeal, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are it.

The Good And Bad Of The Chuck Taylor All Stars

If you’ve owned a pair of these iconic Converse shoes before, you know for yourself that there isn’t much you can fault with them. You can wear them all day long and get up to all kinds of activities without ever feeling irritation or discomfort, thanks to the canvas make and rubber sole that make these shoes so famous.

The best part about the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars is that they’re extremely stylish, so whether you’re purchasing them for your infant or your smaller child, you’ll find that they complement just about every outfit without looking over the top. These shoes are especially easy for kids to tie, which is great if you have smaller ones just learning who need something basic to practice with.

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The only issue with these shoes is that those with wider feet might not find them as comfortable. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star range can be a little narrow for some, and while this can be positive for most wearers, it may be a cause of discomfort for others. For those with wider feet, it might be best to look elsewhere for your child’s shoes.

How To Get A Pair Of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

If the thought of dragging your children to the shoe store is enough to put you off the task entirely, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get the best bargain on Converse Chuck Taylor for Kids through Amazon. When you purchase a pair online at Amazon, they start at just over $20 for baby and toddler sizes, going up slightly as the child gets older.

To get yourself free shipping, you can buy two pairs and have them sent straight to your house for no cost. This is great for those with more than one kid, or someone who likes to be prepared and have the next size ready to get once their kid grows out of them.

These shoes will last for many years, though, so they’re great to hold onto should any younger kids or friends need them.

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Converse will give you a set of white shoelaces that come with these sneakers, but if you’re looking for something a little more colorful there are plenty of options through Amazon. Some kids might find it easier to tie their laces when they’re motivated by a sparkly or bright design, so this can be an option for younger kids.

Final Thoughts

There aren’t many shoes out there as iconic as the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, and your kid will get all of the comfort and support they need from these famous sneakers. Just one pair will last them many years until they’ve outgrown them, and this well loved shoe will never go out of style either.

To invest in the best for your kid and give them a comfortable shoe to wear all day long, click here to purchase the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Kids Shoe. Not only will your child look effortlessly cool wearing them, but you’ll feel good knowing you’re giving them the very best support throughout the day as well.


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