Capezio Women's 550 Jr. Footlight Character Dance Shoe Review

Capezio Women’s 550 Jr. Footlight Character Dance Shoe Review

When it comes to women’s dance shoes, there are a lot of factors that go into ensuring that a shoe can perform as needed, while still providing an added amount of comfort -- and of course style as well.

Capezio is well known for manufacturing high-quality dance shoes for both men and women, and for an affordable price that’s accessible to beginners.

​About The Poduct

Their 550 Jr. Footlight Character Dance Shoes are a great example of this reputation, as they have everything you could want in a dance shoe for under $50.

The 550’s have a very formal look that is clean, classy, and incredibly versatile for a variety of wardrobes.

Woman wearing Capezio Women's 550 Jr. Footlight Character Dance Shoe

The shoe’s simple design includes a 1.5” heel with a single strap, along with compatibility that can accommodate Tele Tone toe, Duo Tone heel, or Selva Staccato taps.

The shoe’s padded insole provides plenty of comfort and support, and utilizes an “arch cookie” that ensures an added measure of arch support, giving wearers increased confidence with their movements.

A non-slip heel counter includes an Achilles notch, releasing pressure and boosting comfort for more than just the feet.

A 1 mm PU upper with smooth folded edge top line runs along the top of the foot, helping keep the shoe secured, but without adding discomfort to the foot.

The entire inner of the shoe is lined with brushed microfiber that actually absorbs any moisture on the foot, which is very beneficial in more ways than one.

As for the sole itself, leather is used all throughout, with strategic scoring that ensures flexibility in all of the most important areas.

What We Like

It’s actually a little hard to single out what we like most about the 550’s, but the measures Capezio took to make sure the shoes were as comfortable as possible are probably the most noticeable.

The arch support cookie makes a world of difference, and works well with the padded insole that absorbs a good amount of shock, without making you feel disconnected from the ground.

The shoes’ padded upper is certainly appreciated as well, along with the moisture-absorbing microfiber, and design of the heel area.

Capezio Women's 550 Jr. Footlight Character Dance Shoe

What We Don’t Like

The shoe’s strap can seem a little flimsy if your foot is on the skinnier side of things. The part of the buckle that goes into the strap’s notch could be a little more rigid. This shouldn’t be a problem for most, however.

Buying Advice

These shoes run a little small, so make sure that you order a ½ size up from your normal shoe size. After receiving the shoes, stand in them and make sure your toes are where they should be. It’s easy to return them if you need to for a different size.


The 550 Jr. Footlight Character Dance Shoes are a great all-around dance shoe that can be used for numerous types of dancing, including both ballroom and salsa. Their alluring design and versatile style makes them great for more than just the dance floor as well.

If you want an affordable pair of dances shoe that are geared towards comfort, but not at the expense of performance, the 550’s are it.


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