Capezio Men's SD103 Social Dance Shoe Review

Capezio Men’s SD103 Social Dance Shoe Review

Dance shoes for men can often end up favoring one aspect over the others, resulting in an imbalanced shoe that may perform well, but leaves the wearer with sore feet.

Capezio’s men’s SD103 are standard dance shoes, and provide everything from the right amount of traction and stability, to plush insole comfort and fit that protects the feet while ensuring optimal dance performance. The result is a very versatile dance shoe that is easy to wear, and feel great to dance.

About The Product

The SD103’s have a very clean, basic aesthetic crafted from synthetic material that gives them the appearance of leather. Their overall look is very understated, making them easy to wear with a variety of clothing.

Man wearing Capezio Men's SD103 Social Dance Shoe

The shoes’ one-inch heel is EVA-wrapped, with a suede top lift that’s stitched to prevent delamination.

The heel size and build gives the shoes a wide range of uses, for everything from salsa to ballroom dancing.

Cushioning and comfort are a big priority for the SD103’s.

A heel counter keeps the foot in place and gives the ankle extra support, while a sponge-like insole provides a high amount of shock absorption to minimize impact on the foot.

The shoes’ PU upper is fully padded, giving them a more snug and secure fit, while also ensuring that the top of the foot remains comfortable and protected from rubbing during dancing and movement.

What We Like

These shoes are a great value for the money. Their versatility is apparent, as they can be used for multiple styles of dancing, and have a style that allows them to blend in with your clothing choice.

It’s obvious that Capezio paid attention to all of the important areas, doing all they can to minimize the most common complaints in men’s dance shoes.

The traction on the outsoles is very stable and firm, but still allows for a bit of a slide when desired.

Extra support and cushioning centered around the heel area makes a huge difference when it comes to keeping your feet comfortable and taking some of the stress off your ankles.

What We Don’t Like

Since these shoes are quite narrow, a little bit of extra room in the toe box area would definitely be beneficial to anyone with wider feet.

Capezio Men's SD103 Social Dance Shoe

If not, you will have to spend a few days wearing thick socks with the shoes around the house to get them to stretch out enough to not cram your toes. This isn’t a unique complaint for men’s dancing shoes, however.

Buying Advice

Dancing shoes can run a bit small, so be sure to order a half size up from your normal shoes size. If they seem extremely small upon receiving, don’t try to stretch them, simply exchange them for a half size up.


The Capezio’s men’s SD103 are great for beginners and expert dancers alike. The attention to small details in terms of comfort and stability really pay off, and are big reason as to why the SD103’s are a popular shoe among those who are just getting into dancing.

The price of the shoes only helps to make them an even better choice. If you are looking for dance shoes to get started with, the SD103’s should be your top choice.


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