Three Tips For How To Break In Shoes

Three Tips For How To Break In Shoes

We’ve all suffered from the wrath of new shoes at some point in our lives, and when you get a new pair rather than enjoying them you spend the first few days in pain trying to get them to a comfortable point. However, with a few simple tips, you don’t need to suffer anymore as we teach you how to break in shoes without getting blisters.

#1: Wear Chunky Socks

If you want to know how to break in shoes fast, you can try an old trick of layering your feet with a couple of pair of socks or one super chunky pair of bed socks and then wearing your shoes around.

Wear Socks To Break In Shoes Faster

Spend a few hours in them and get some household chores done, leaving the leather or other material to stretch out to your natural foot shape and protect your feet from blisters at the same time.

#2: Take It Slow

Although it might be tempting, don’t go wearing your new shoes for 12 hours straight at home and hoping that this will speed the process up. A good shoe will take a few days to wear down, so go in short spurts to save yourself discomfort and help assist the breaking in process.

Take it Easy Don't Injure Yourself

Using this method for how to break in leather shoes will also prevent from damaging the shoe as well when it undergoes a lot of stress in a short period.

#3: Spray The Shoes

For those leather kicks that are giving you hell, you can try spraying the insides to help them soften up. Use a mix of rubbing alcohol and water, and spray lightly inside your shoe to increase the supple factor a bit and then try again to wear them in.

Spray Your Shoes To Make them more malleable

According to Stylecaster, you can try it a few times before you give up, allowing them time to mold to the shape of your foot and stop causing discomfort.

Put Comfort First

If you’ve been trying for weeks and still find that your new shoes are giving you grief, it’s possible that you haven’t got the right fit. Knowing how to break in shoes fast might seem like the best option, but if you’ve chosen a style that doesn’t work with your foot’s anatomy then it’ll never be a comfortable fit for you.

Although it can be tempting to wear shoes that are uncomfortable in the name of fashion, it can be quite damaging to your health. You might be impatient not knowing how long to break in shoes, but if you shop around for a shoe that fits well and lets you wear it for hours on end without causing any discomfort then you’ve made the right decision.

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