The Best Athlete Shoe Lines

The Best Athlete Shoe Lines

Everywhere you look today, it seems there’s a celebrity out there endorsing some product or having a collaboration somewhere else. However, one of the first places that started it all was the athlete shoe lines that paired up our favorite sports starts with the most on trend shoe manufacturers.

These lines offered wearers the chance to be just as good as the sports superstar who created them, all at an affordable price tag for the average Joe. Here are just a few of the more memorable shoe lines from over the years, and the stars which helped create them.

Chad Muska

In a world full of basketball shoes, it’s nice to see something a little different from the rest. Chad Muska is a famous skateboarder who came up with the design for a shoe that allowed him to store special items in the tongue and led to him launching the SUPRA line.

Chad Muska with his shoes

These shoes were well loved by all skateboarders, and still hold cult status as one of the first athlete shoe lines that weren’t directed at sports such as basketball and tennis.

Michael Jordan

By far the most famous shoe collaboration ever made, Michale Jordan’s work with Nike during the 1980s was made even more impressive by the fact that he won six NBA championships. The first Air Jordan was made with red, white, and black colors which was unheard of in sport's shoes and made waves in the market instantly.

Air Jordans Shoes

Michael is still collaborating with Nike to this day and they continue to bring out Jordan shoes that are luxurious, contemporary, and great for many types of sports and activities.

Lebron James

When LeBron was just 19 years old, he made a deal with Nike to collaborate on the new shoe line with them, and this move has continued to pay off for both of them. LeBron James shoes have made 13 signature sneakers and continues to work with them, after famously throwing away a deal with Adidas.

Lebron James Shoes

These sneakers are now loved in the high fashion arena, which makes them extremely unique in terms of all other celebrity athlete shoe lines. His Zoom Soldier design even helped those with cerebral palsy and made this line far larger than anything Nike had seen in recent years.

Kobe Bryant

As one of the only famous athletes to have huge success with two different brands, Kobe Bryant has enjoyed profitable sneaker lines with both Nike and Adidas. Nike now works exclusively with Kobe, and they are up to the Kobe 10 with no signs of stopping soon.

Kobe Shoes Lineup

These Kobe shoes are dark and mysterious, with an element of luxury, and have been amongst Nike’s top selling ranges of all time. Even his Adidas range still enjoys a lot of success, so it seems anything he lends his name to has done well.

Andre Agassi

Taking a break from the basketball stars now, Andre Agassi worked with Nike to make some of the most colorful and outrageous sports sneakers we have ever seen.

Andre Aggasi's Shoes

His unique style on the court was perfectly matched in the 80s feeling sneakers, and they even made use of the Air Tech Challenge 2. Although Agassi also worked with Adidas, he found more success with his collaboration with Nike and reportedly has plans to create more styles or bring out a retro version of the Nike Air Tech Challenge 2 Sneakers.

Stan Smith

Although the Stan Smith is one of the most popular tennis shoes ever made, it was actually made with another in mind. This shoe was originally designed for tennis but has since enjoyed cult status with all walks of life, and become a fashion icon in its own regard.

Stan Smith Shoes on the street

The Stan Smith is by far one of Adidas’s most popular shoes and is worn by soccer players to those on a night on the town, thanks to its plain styling and versatility.

Penny Hardaway

As one of the only athletes to produce just one line of sneakers with Nike, Penny Hardaway was the clear choice to take over after Michael Jordan’s retirement. These vibrant blue sneakers are still widely popular today and offered a completely modern and unique take on the basketball shoes being offered by Nike.

Penny Hardaway Shoes

This was one of the first times that sneakers were being sold before they even hit the shelf, and they still have a huge fan base today.

Ken Griffey Jr.

It might sound a little odd in between a list of basketball and tennis shoes, but baseball shoes were a big thing for a certain point in time.

Ken Griffey With His Shoes

Famous baseball players Ken Griffey Jr. collaborated with Nike in the 90s and made these easy to wear sneakers, loved by everyone from baseballers to hi hop artists. The Ken Griffey Jr. still continues to be a cult favorite, and one time that proved to stray from the pack was rewarding.

Stylish And Functional

One thing’s for sure when you let a top athlete design shoes with some of the top rated fashion brands on earth, you’re certain to come up with the goods. Although these represent just a fraction of the top athlete shoe lines ever unveiled, there are countless more that could have easily made the list too.

Nowadays, it seems that celebrity collaborations on shoes are more important than ever, offering the perfect mix of style and functionality, as well as the huge brand appeal that the celebrity offers. If you’re stuck on the next pair of sneakers to get to improve your game, you can’t go wrong with any of these top rated athlete shoe lines on your feet.


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