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Adidas Women’s Running Cloud Shoe Review

When you love nothing more than being on your feet and living the best life you can, you don’t just want to settle for second best with any of your choices.

Everything from the protection you give yourself from the sun and harsh weather to the clothing you choose to keep you covered, it’s essential that those who love running and staying fit are always taking care of their bodies.

Whether you work on your feet or enjoy a daily run each morning, your feet are the ones that are going to take the heaviest load. For this reason, you need to ensure you choose the very best shoe that can offer support and comfort, while also taking the burden off from the impact they encounter with every step.

adidas Women's Energy Cloud Wtc W Running Shoe Review

Knowing our feet are so important, it makes sense that we only trust them with the best of the best. Adidas has been known for years as one of the top manufacturers of shoes for both men and women, with a special focus on sports shoes and those that can assist with physical activity.

The Adidas Women’s Energy Cloud running shoe has been designed to give you the experience of walking on a cloud so that you can enjoy your favorite physical activities with minimal discomfort. With this pair of shoes on your feet, you’ll have the energy and support needed to run marathons and work for hours without a bother.

The Adidas Women’s Energy Cloud Running Shoe

For close to 70 years, Adidas has been providing the world with a range of quality sports products and accessories intended to make life more enjoyable. Arguably the most famous of their line is their range of shoes, made for both men and women with the latest ergonomics, design, and functionality in every pair.

The Energy Cloud Running Shoe is one of their most promising products, specifically made for those who spend long hours on their feet whether it’s working, strolling casually on the weekend, or running long distances. This versatile shoe supports your foot and its delicate construction while offering the experience of walking on a cloud as you wear them.

These shoes are ideal for anyone who’s been searching for a truly comfortable and supportive shoe and found that all others fall short in one way or another. When you purchase the Adidas Women’s Energy Cloud Running Shoe you’ll be getting:

  • Supportive cage which wraps around for comfort
  • Made from textile and synthetic materials
  • Range of colors including mint green and white
  • Mesh upper to allow your foot to breathe
  • Cloudfoam midsole makes every step like a waking dream
adidas Women's Energy Cloud Wtc W Running Shoe Side Review

If you’ve tried other shoes and found they missed the mark in terms of comfort, you won’t be disappointed with Adidas Women’s Energy Cloud Running Shoe. These shoes can be worn the entire days without feeling an ounce of discomfort, so they’re great for more than just long distance running.

What You’ll Get From The Adidas Energy Cloud Shoe

Just as indicated in the name of these shoes, the Adidas Energy Cloud will make you feel as though you’re walking on a cloud.

The Cloudfoam midsole made specifically by Adidas will give you all the cushioning you need and more, so they’re ideal for everyone from long distance runners to shift workers who are on their feet for hours on end.

The range of colors in the Adidas Energy Cloud range are among some of the most modern and effortlessly cool of all the running shoes, and they’re a simple way to jazz up any outfit for work or exercise.

adidas Women's Energy Cloud Wtc W Running Shoe Bottom Review

These colors come in everything from mint green to pink fabric which means that there’s a pair available to suit every style and taste, with a touch of that Adidas style they’re so famous for.

One of the best things about the Adidas Energy Cloud shoe is the weave that makes it so breathable, but unfortunately, this is also one of the downfalls.

While the mesh material means you’re far more comfortable and your foot is able to breathe, you might find that after a few months of regular wear the mesh starts to give way a little and they don’t last as long as you’d hoped.

How To Get Your Pair Of Adidas Energy Cloud Running Shoes

If you’re like most Americans, you probably dread the thought of heading to the packed mall to try on countless pairs of shoes, and you’re not alone. Thankfully, the Adidas Energy Cloud Running Shoes and most other styles from this brand can be found cheaper online when you shop with Amazon.

Currently, you can get a pair of Adidas Energy Cloud Running Shoes starting from just over $35 and going up to just over $100, depending on your shoe size and the style or design you like. Considering how comfortable they are, especially when you’re wearing them for long periods at a time, every penny will be worth it.

adidas Women's Energy Cloud Wtc W Running Shoe Back Review

Amazon has stated that around 73% of customers were satisfied with the fit, so ensure you know your foot measurements before you start to shop. However, if you get a pair and find they weren’t right for you, you’ll be able to take advantage of their free returns policy which will allow you to trade them in and get ones that fit comfortably.

The Verdict

There isn’t much that Adidas can do wrong in terms of running shoes, and especially for the low price, so you should be happy to put your trust in them with the Adidas Energy Cloud Women’s Running Shoes. No matter where you wear them or what you’re doing, you’ll truly feel as though you’re walking on a cloud.

To treat your feet to the very best, and give them comfort and support at the same time, click to purchase the Adidas Energy Cloud Running Shoes for yourself. Not only will they envelop your feet in the softest materials and cushioning, but they’ll add a level of effortless style to your outfit that you just can’t find elsewhere.


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