Adidas Men's Energy Cloud Running Shoes Review

Adidas Men’s Energy Cloud Running Shoes Review

Adidas may be most known for their soccer and basketball shoes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t put out one of the best running shoes on the market.

The men’s Energy Clouds offer everything you could possible want from a running shoe, while managing to keep the price at a reasonable level.

About The Product

The first thing you’ll notice out of the box is the unique style and build of the shoes.

Man running in Adidas Men's Energy Cloud Wtc M Running Shoe

Rather than mix in canvas and leather with softer textile and mesh materials, the Energy Clouds opt for a fully soft body, stabilized by the hard plastic Adidas logos on each side of the foot which tighten with the laces, and act as a sort of cage for the foot.

Using a standard lacing style, you can tighten the shoes to your feet by running the laces through just four eyelets, keeping things very simple, along with quick on and off. The rest of the foot fits snug without the need for laces running further down towards the toe box.

Cushioning is very plush without being too mushy. Adidas’s Cloud Foam comprises the midsole, providing instant comfort, but not at the expense of stability with each stride.

As you may imagine, the Energy Clouds are very breathable thanks to the main material used, which is enhanced even further with a fully mesh upper. The shoes’ carbon rubber sole features a unique tread pattern that offers flex in all of the right spots, while providing very solid traction.

What We Like

It may sound a little fickle to start off with how much we love the style, but the look of the Energy Clouds is very minimalistic, yet very alluring as well.

They’ll definitely turn a few heads when you’re on the street or track at the gym. The numerous color options have something for every taste, and you can wear these around casually without sacrificing your fashion sense.

The sock-like feel of the shoes is a big plus as well. These things are soft, and certainly offer more of a form fit to your foot that avoids being too rigid.

The light, breathable material fits snugly without feeling like your feet are trapped in.

Adidas Men's Energy Cloud Wtc M Running Shoe

Additionally, the material in the shoes’ body and upper makes the Energy Clouds great for hotter days when your feet need to breathe even more during a run.

What We Don’t Like

It’s hard to point out anything that doesn’t work with the Energy Clouds, but we will say that the lack of removable insoles for those wishing to use orthotics may be a drawback for some.

Buying Advice

The Energy Clouds are very true to size according to the vast majority of reviews, although some due mention that they are a just a little small to size.

Also, do keep in mind that the insoles are not removable, so if you are in need of shoes that are, look elsewhere.


The Energy Clouds are soft, light, and highly fashionable. Their unique build and Adidas Cloud Foam combine to create a pair of running shoes that are perfect for those desiring more breathability, along with a plush overall feel that still offers the proper amount of stability and support. We love the Energy Clouds, and are confident you will as well.


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